Why is Location so important in Real Estate?

Why is Location so important in Real Estate?

March 6, 2021

The 3 most important factors to consider when buying a home are location, location and location.

What is it about location that makes it so important when buying a home?

Property Price appreciation:

Location creates desirability and desirability creates demand and it is demand that increases the price of the property. A property in a good location will be easy to resell.


Apart from real estate price appreciation, it’s also important to buy a home in a location that will make your lifestyle easy and convenient. Pick a location that is close to schools, easy commute to work, and essential stores.

Being close to local amenities like grocery stores, essentials shopping, banks, entertainment will help raise your property value.

Properties located close to Business and IT parks and hubs are always a blessing. They will not only give better returns in the future, but they will also save on commute time and fuel expenses in the present.

Safety & Security:

The safety parameter also defines a good location. A safe residential community means you can freely walk around, enjoy the outdoors and interact with your neighbors.

Buying an apartment in a gated community will also increase safety & security since gated communities will have better security services & 24/7 surveillance.

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